Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow day in Phoenix

The community where we live brought in about 3 tons
of snow (its not that much) for the kids
to play in. They also had big blow up jumpers and lots of
crafty booth and fun things to do.

The girls coming out of one of the jumper.

This lady was a clown, but she said she forgot
her costume. I think she was really quite
a scary clown, Cami didnt even want to
talk to her and tell her she wanted a pink
balloon dog.

Playing on the icy snow hill. It was pretty slick snow,
the girls seemed to have fun, but Carson kept falling down.

This was his reaction to the cold wet snow.

Princess Party

We had a Princess Party at our house last Saturday. The girls invited about
six little girls over and everyone wore their princess dresses.
We did make-overs and painted all the girls nails. We all
had tons of fun.

Emma posing before her party started

My beautiful princess girls.

All the girls decorating and eating their cupcakes.
Thanks to Sam for staying to help with
all the little girls.

Emma playing Kiss the Frog Prince. This was a great
game I came up with that the girls thought was so fun to
play. I read the story of the Frog Prince. Then went
online and found a picture and taped it to this poster board.
Then I put BRIGHT RED lipstick on each girl and blindfolded them
and had them try to kiss the frog on the nose. They thought it was
so funny and couldn't stop giggling.

A warm day in December

Kids just playing in the backyard.

Carson in our little golfer, just like dad.

He could do this all day long.

We had a picnic lunch.

Emma driving her ship, waiting for Carson to
get done golfing so he doesnt hit her.

My little Christmas Helpers

The kids were so excited for Christmas we set up our tree as soon as we came home from Mexico. Every year Chris wants to get a real tree, and although I do love the smell of a real tree I hate the messy needles and well lets face it you just cant have a real tree up as long. So I won the debate again and got to put up my fake tree.

Emma was quite the helper and separated all the branches
into the right size and correct piles.

We wanted to put Candy Canes on our tree
but Carson kept eating them and leaving behind
a sticky mess, so off they came.

Best Christmas Helper

After I put the tree up and got lights on I went to start
dinner thinking we would decorate it after we ate. Well
Cami couldn't wait that long and decided to decorate
it all by herself. She was very proud of it so we left
it like that for a whole day.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thanksgiving in Mexico

This year for Thanksgiving we were fortunate enough to get to spend it with ALL Chris's family. There were 73 people from Chris's family who were able to go on this cruise, we were only missing 3 people, crazy hu. Thank you to Chris's grandparents for a wonderful, unforgetable Thaksgiving.

This is our ship, it was huge and I just stopped swaying after being home for 3 days.

This picture is from the back of the ship, it was really windy back there but Carson loved it.

Ok I know what your thinking, Cami looks evil, I agree. The girls loved the cruise, they were able to go to Camp Carnival (basically a fun daycare) everyday we were on the ship. This place had tons of fun activities everyday for them to do. As you may or may not be able to tell by this picture this day was king and queen day. They also got to make candy jewlery this day too.

My little man all dressed up for our formal dinner night. He is such a cute kid, but needless to say he didnt look quite that good after dinner.

The state room steward made fun animals out of the towels eveynight. My kids thought this was so awesome and are now asking me why I am not making them towel animals at night.

Our day in Cabo

This is lovers beach, we decided to take the kids to the beach and so we had a boat taxi take 15 of us to this beach. What we were not aware of was the fact that to get off and back on the boat you had to jump into the water and then walk to the beach. Sounds easy right, well add about 4 other boats doing the same thing and huge waves, 3 baby strollers, and 6 kids under the age of 5. I'm sure it was quite entertaining for those who were around us. Thanks Grandpa for the great day.

Cabo was beautiful.

We all had lots of fun playing in the water and on the beach. The water was the perfect temperature. By the time we left all my kids had sand everywhere!! What a fun day.

This is Chris's Family (I am sure they love me putting pictures of them on here) we went snorkeling while we were in Cabo. It was awesome and we saw tons of fish, but poor Stephanie and Michelle both got stung by jelly fish.

Our guides were fun they had everybody dancing on the boat

Yes I mean everybody, even Chris's dad had some moves.

Our day in Encenada

It was very pretty in Mexico I love looking at the ocean, I always get amazed by the beauty of the earth.

Leaving the boat is quite a challenge with 3 little kids. Everybody has to have their ship cards, passports, ID's add that to my diaper bag, swim bag and stroller and we were quite a site.

This is at the blow hole in Encenada. There are only 3 in the world, Mexico, Hawaii, and Australia. Chris and I have now seen 2 of the 3 so we figure we better head to Australia to check out the last one.

Grandpa Ferguson with Chris and the kids, I'm sure waiting on the girls, again.

This is just some of the "Junk" we bought in Mexico. But Carson looked so cute in the cowboy hat I just couldn't resist.

Sea World Family Fun

We went to Sea World with Chris's Family before we left on our Cruise to Mexico. We had tons of fun plus I got to see my BFF Laura (yes I'm 13), she brought her kids to Sea World that same day. It was great seeing her even if it was only for a few minutes.

Waiting in line to get into Sea World. Cami was mapping out all the places she wanted to go
and poor Carson was sleeping, sadly the hour he slept was my favorite hour of the day (I know bad mom).

Polar Bear Photo.
Cami and Emma with their much missed cousins.

Cami and Grandpa Ferguson watching the dolphin show.

Cami was too short to go on the rapid ride with Chris and Emma, so we went and played with the star fish, the water was freezing.

This is in the Shark Reef. Notice the blanket wrapped around Carson's body. Let me expand on the "my best hour of the day" comment from the previous picture. During the Shamu show Carson's diaper leaked all over me (no laughing) so I thought well I'll take off his pants and let them dry out. Wrong, in San Diego nothing dries, ever. So he walked aroung all day in a diaper (whitetrash I know). The day gets worse, in the Shark Reef a man stops me while laughing and says "looks like he lost his drawers", I thought he was talking about the pants and I say "yes they got wet", and he says "no those drawers" and points to the diaper laying behind us. I was a little embarrased, but just had to laugh at the little streaker.