Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cami's 4th Birthday

We had Cami's Birthday at Peter Pipper Pizza. The kids had so much fun playing games and collecting tickets.

It was so fun for Cami to have Grandma King at her Party.

Loving hugs

Carson playing air hockey.

Cami with her winning ticket. We won lots of tickets and the kids all left with lots of fun toys they were able to buy with their tickets.

Grandma King comes to visit

We had such a fun week last week, my mom came and stayed with us for 5 days.
I had the best week spending time with her, I have missed her so much
since we moved.

Our best attempt at a group picture.....Carson has reached the age where it is impossible for him to hold still.

I really wanted ot learn how to sew while my mom was here. I have done a little sewing in the past but I am far from a seamstress. These dresses were my project while she was here, she also taught me how to hem pants, hopefully I will be able to do it without her standing over my shoulder. Thanks mom for the sewing lesson.
I have had lots of people ask me where I got Cami's Dora dress, so I guess we did a good job.


Coloring Easter Eggs

Carson was so intent on coloring his own eggs. Believe it or not
he only broke 2 eggs and only splashed the
color a couple of times.

Emma helping Carson find some more eggs.

Emma showing her spoils from the Easter Bunny.
I think Emma was more excited for Easter than she was for Christmas. She woke up at 5:30 am and came into our bedroom to let me know the Easter Bunny had come. I tried to get her lay by me and go back to sleep, but she couldn't hold still. She had Cami and Carson up by 5:45 and we were egg hunting by 6:00 a.m. Quite an early morning for our household.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Look who's 2 !!!!

I can't believe that Carson is 2, where has the time gone.
We just had a little family party for him, and sadly this is
the best picture we could get, he was so entranced with opening his gifts
he would not even give me a smile.

Carson got a train table for his birthday...He LOVES it!
Every morning when he get out of bed he sprints across the room
and starts to play trains and cars. The girls really like it too.

This was the other favorite birthday gift (thanks Grandma Ferguson)
Carson will sit and watch the cars go around the track over and
over again, his favorite part is when the cars crash into
each other and he has to fix the broken cars.


Kid of Character

Every month at Emma's school the teachers get to pick one student to recognize as having good character. They choose Emma last month (I am slow at getting this up) and she was recognized as having the character of respect. Her teacher says she is always very respectful to her and all the other class mates.