Friday, August 21, 2009

Mom Massages

My kids love Massages!!! Every time I get my table out the beg for me to massage them, even though they only last about 5 minutes. I do think Carson would lay their longer if his sisters would let him. Chris has to fight really hard sometimes to get his turn. I am loving school and love that I can share it with my family.

Potty Training

First of all I cant believe that I am potty training my last child Horray!!!
Carson is a little bit harder to potty train then my girls were, we are kind of going at his pace, some days are great other days not so great. I did get him some new underwear, instead of just pull-ups, and he loves them. I make him wear diapers to bed still, but he insists on still wearing his new big boy pants as well, so we just put them over his PJ's. In these pictures he actually has on two pain of underwear over his PJ's, what a funny boy.

Kids First Day Of School

I cant believe that school has started all ready!! Emma is loving the
First Grade, her teacher is Mrs. Aupperlee and she is making some good friends.
It gets pretty quiet here without her during the days. She is getting to be a
great reader, her favorite books are Junie B. Jones (I love that she has
developed my love for reading).

She Loves her new backpack.

Ahh, my baby girl started Pre-School this year. Her teacher is
Miss Julia, and she absolutely loves going to school. She comes home with
some of the neatest things that they made while at school. She only goes
to school Tuesdays and Thursdays but she wishes that she went everyday.