Monday, January 5, 2009

Swimming in January

This is why we live in Arizona. We went swimming at
Chris's grandparents house a couple of days ago. It
was great and the kids all had a blast.

Carson loved to swim, and he is quite the dare devil.
He must have jumped off that ledge about 50 times before
I finally made him stop (my arms hurt).

Christmas morning!

Santa brought this car for Carson, he LOVED it.
I couldn't get him out of it forever, he even had to open his
other gifts in the car. (The girls are a big fan of it to)

Emma and Cami thanking each other for their gifts.
(Cute matching PJ'S)

I let the kids pick out their own gifts for Chris this year,
I think I will have to let them do it every year because
it is so funny to see what they think we want. Cami
was so sure that all Chris wanted this year was a new blue
towel. So off we went in search of a blue towel, we were
lucky and found one, plus it had a frog on it and she knew
daddy would love it.

Cami really wanted a new wagon this year. I guess
she was good because Santa brought it to her.

I am amazed at the mess we seem to make opening present.
Yea for me, I had to clean it up, YUCK.

Christmas Eve

Every year on Christmas Eve we all get to open one present from
under the tree. They are always pajamas but my kids love it.

Cami was so excited to get her new PJ's she took her
clothes off the minute we got home on Christmas Eve.

Emma picked out both mine and Chris's PJ's this year.
She was so excited, she bought Chris Coke PJ's that
come in a piggy bank.

My PJ's were extra special, I know you can't see it from the
picture but the rainbow on the shirt actually lights up with movement.
That's right I said lights up, so needless to say when I wear them
to bed I am constantly being woken up by a flashing red light. I have
to wear them about once a week to keep Emma happy. Despite the flashing
they really are quite cute.

family photo in our new jammies.

Decorating Christmas Cookies

We decorate sugar cookies every year to leave for Santa.
This year Santa was extra special and got the cookies with extra
sprinkles on it that Emma and Cami decorated.

Cami was so funny she would only decorate cookies with
pink frosting (her favorite color) and she would only
do the angel shaped cookies.

Emma was my big helper.