Monday, October 12, 2009

Mother Natures Farm

We went to Mother Natures Farm today with a group of people from our ward.
The kids got to take a hay ride, decorate pumpkins, and run thru a hay bale maze.
We had lots of fun.

Emma sitting with all the pumpkins, trying to find the one she wanted to decorate.

San Diego Trip

We took a quick trip to San Diego a couple of weeks ago. We stayed with my friend Laura and visited The Zoo and Sea World. My kids had so much fun playing with Laura and her kids.

Cami and Carson in front of the Camel.

Outside of the Zoo. Unfortunately I something happened to my other pictures so these are the only ones I have of the trip.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Mom Massages

My kids love Massages!!! Every time I get my table out the beg for me to massage them, even though they only last about 5 minutes. I do think Carson would lay their longer if his sisters would let him. Chris has to fight really hard sometimes to get his turn. I am loving school and love that I can share it with my family.

Potty Training

First of all I cant believe that I am potty training my last child Horray!!!
Carson is a little bit harder to potty train then my girls were, we are kind of going at his pace, some days are great other days not so great. I did get him some new underwear, instead of just pull-ups, and he loves them. I make him wear diapers to bed still, but he insists on still wearing his new big boy pants as well, so we just put them over his PJ's. In these pictures he actually has on two pain of underwear over his PJ's, what a funny boy.

Kids First Day Of School

I cant believe that school has started all ready!! Emma is loving the
First Grade, her teacher is Mrs. Aupperlee and she is making some good friends.
It gets pretty quiet here without her during the days. She is getting to be a
great reader, her favorite books are Junie B. Jones (I love that she has
developed my love for reading).

She Loves her new backpack.

Ahh, my baby girl started Pre-School this year. Her teacher is
Miss Julia, and she absolutely loves going to school. She comes home with
some of the neatest things that they made while at school. She only goes
to school Tuesdays and Thursdays but she wishes that she went everyday.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Emma lost her first tooth!

After many, many, many, days of wiggling her tooth it finally came out. (Well I pulled it out actually, but hey at least its out) Excuse Emma's nice hairdo we had been at the pool prior to this pictures.

Visit from Grandma and Grandpa Smith

Grandma and Grandpa Smith came to visit us a few weeks ago.
My kids were so excited, we had not seen them since we moved from Idaho.
All day long Emma would ask how many more hours till they would be here.

As you can see, my kids couldnt even wait till Grandma was out of the car to give her a hug.
We Love Grandma!

Hugs for Grandpa too!

Meggie getting her bags out of the car.

Carson playing at the park with DeeDee.

Our Family Staycation

This picture is about a month late, but oh well.
We couldn't leave to go on vacation this year due to school, so we decided
to go on a Staycation, and stayed at the Marriott in Phoenix for a week.
We had a great time, and Chris and I still made it to all our classes.

Kids outside the Hotel

Emma took swimming lessons this summer and now loves the water.
There were about 4 pools and a splash park were we stayed, so we were in
the water every day.

Cami also took swimming lessons this summer, but she has
not grown to love the water like Emma, yet. Hopefully, she will soon.

Carson is so funny, he LOVES to be in the water, and is such a little
daredevil, I have to watch him very closely or he just runs and jumps in.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Family Camping Trip (In the Backyard )

The kids have been wanting to go camping, so we camped "Ferguson Style" in the backyard.
Even though we didnt go anywhere it was lots of fun.

Enjoying some smores in the tent.

Showing off the smores they made. Emma even roasted her own marshmallow.

Family photo in front of the tent.

Dad and Emma with Chocolate on their faces.

Dance Performance

Emma's Dance Performance

Some shots at home before we left.

This is her dance pose.

She did a great job dancing, and had lots of fun this year. But we sure miss being in Aunt Amy's dance class.

Emma's Kindergarten Program

Emma's big Kindergarten Program. It was so darn cute, the kids sang the cutest songs ever, I had only heard one of the songs before. She is really going to miss being in School, her first day
of summer vacation she informed me that she was all ready bored.

Getting ready to start singing, she was a little embarrassed at first, but then sang her heart out.

Enjoying cake after the program with friends Riley and Maia.

Emma's teacher Ms. Grudil. Emma is sure going to miss her she was a great teacher.

Swim Day

Many of our days are spent at the neighborhood splash park and pool.

Carson is always the first one in the water and he never wants to leave.

Cami is showing off her new Dora swim bag that Grandma Smith gave her
for her 4th Birthday. Thanks Grandma Smith she LOVES it.

Playing at the pool.

This is the kiddie pool, just right for my kids, however they are starting swim lessons
on Tuesday so hopefully they will all learn to swim.

A Visit From Grandpa Ferguson

We have been lucky to have Grandpa Ferguson come to Phoenix a lot for work lately.
We went to his hotel to swim and went out to dinner. Emma thought it was great
because we told them it was her birthday and they sang to her and she got
cherry pie. Thanks Grandpa for a great night.

Grandpa doing Carson's hair after swimming.

Emma after swimming.

Emma's 6th Birthday Party!

Emma got to have a few friends come over for a Birthday Party.
We had to have a High School Musical themed party, since that is
Emma's favorite movie.

We played lots of games and decorated cupcakes.

Opening Gifts.

Emma's 6th Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday Emma

Wow, its hard for me to believe that Emma is 6 years old. She is growing up into the sweetest little girl. Emma is always very concerned about others and definatley the peacemaker of the family. Here are a few pictures from our family party.

Thanks for the great Barbie Grandma Ferguson.

Carson LOVING his cupcake!