Thursday, September 2, 2010

Some more pictures from Idaho

We went to the Dubois parade, my kids got TONS of candy, guess its easy to do when there arent very many kids to gather it up. Thanks Grandma King for taking us, plus we got to see Grandpa drive his Sheriff tuck.

Kids playing dress up and putting on a play for us, they are always good for a laugh.

And of course no trip to Idaho is complete with out a trip to Bear World. I think this if my kids favorite part of visiting Idaho.

Here is Cami and her cousin Preston, she just loves him to death and couldn't wait to see him and play with him. Poor kid he couldn't get away from her even if he wanted to.

This is on our drive back to Arizona, our trip was awesome but 3.5 weeks without Chris was a long time and I was ready to get home. However, once we got here I quickly missed the nice summer days of Idaho. SO HOT HERE!

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